Tuesday, November 06, 2007

commune with Mariee Sioux

You know how sometimes you go into gift shops and they have those CD displays that have all the sounds of nature CDs and the display where you can play samples of the songs. Many times there will be an album of Native American music. Don't expect anything like that while listening to Mariee Sioux's debut album Faces In the Rocks.

You will find obvious connections to native American music on Mariee's album, but it's far from hokey. It was recorded in Nevada City with the help of Gentle Thunder’s enchanting sound on a redwood-carved Native American flute as well as her own father Gary Sobonya on mandolin and offers a folk album that feels very connected to the natural world. Over these very earthly instruments, Mariee sings cryptic lyrics with almost a supernatural otherworldly sheen to them through a voice of innocence which reminds me of Jewel's earlier work.

For those of you in the Grass Valley, CA area, Mariee is having performing a record release show on Friday, November 16th with Howlin' Rain and the Moore Brothers. Can't make it? Just pick up the CD instead.

Mariee Sioux - Buried In Teeth : Faces In the Rocks

Mariee Sioux - Two Tongues At One Time (Recorded Live in Studio) : Two Tongues At One Time / Buried In Teeth single (original studio version on Faces In the Rocks)

Visit her label Grass Roots Records and become her friend on MySpace.


Jewel - Flower (Non LP /Live) : Save The Linoleum


Stefanie said...

I think she's awesome. I found out about a bunch of Grass Roots Records' artists after I first heard Alela Diane. Then I found Mariee and loved her sound, too. You should definitely check out some of their other artists: Alela Diane (my favorite), Lee Bob Watson, and Aaron Ross.

Sean said...


Thanks for the recommendation. I'll be sure to look into them!