Friday, November 09, 2007

Pluckin' with Jon Shain

Looking for some laid back blues tinged Americana to tap your foot to? Look no father than Jon Shain's latest release Army Jacket Winter. The album is his fifth as a solo artist, but his resume goes back for over 15 years, and it shows in the album's mature compositions. It opens with Time To Move On, a Tom Petty cover, and then continues on with twelve of Jon's original songs. There's plenty of finger plucking, bluesy lyrics, and country and folk influence to go around and make this a cozy album. At some points it feels bluegrass, other times more New Orleans, but at all times he retains the atmosphere of a band you could come across on the side of the road traveling through the south (try Song For JoJo below). If you like what you hear of Jon's style, he even gives lessons, so pack up your guitar, and on your way check out the entire album.

Jon Shain - Time To Move On (Tom Petty cover) : Army Jacket Winter

Jon Shain - Song For JoJo : Army Jacket Winter

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