Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Lee's final gift

Prior to passing away this last August, Lee Hazlewood teamed up with Icelandians amiina to produce an alternate version of Hilli (At The Top of the World), a track which focuses on global warming in the form of a rhyming children’s story (the original track is an instrumental that appears on their debut Kurr). That track will be available beginning on December 10th as a digital single through Ever Records. Listen to it now while watching the following video:

If you're not already familiar with Lee's work, he offered a sharp wit and sense of humor, expressed through a style that was part sung, part spoken word, but always done his way. His final album Cake or Death, was released in December of last year. Pick it up as an intro to his deep catalog, and then start digging.

Lee Hazlewood - Nothing : Cake or Death

Lee Hazlewood - Boots (Original Melody) : Cake or Death

Visit his label !K7 and become his friend (on the other side) on MySpace.


Amiina - Sogg : Kuur

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