Tuesday, November 13, 2007

White Shoes & the Couples Company

Listening to the self titled debut album of White Shoes and the Couples Company will make you swear that you've been transported back in time to when bell bottoms were groovy, the Love Boat was cruising the high seas, and flower power seemed destine to replace our dependency on gasoline. Even if you weren't old enough to be consciously aware, this music will bring it all to you.

Because of their uncanny ability to capture a cultural past, it's hard to believe that the group actually hails from Indonesia. That being said, about two thirds of the album will be undecipherable to you (unless of course you are also from Indonesia or speak Indonesian), but that doesn't mean that the message is lost without translation. The music itself is a buoyant mix or sing-song-along clap-happy melodies, delicate love songs, and orchestral honey. Try a dose of the following. The first, Nothing To Fear, you'll be able to sing a long with. The second, Senandung Maaf, has lyrics you won't understand, but the feeling will come across just fine.

White Shoes & the Couples Company - Nothing To Fear : White Shoes & the Couples Company

White Shoes & the Couples Company - Senandung Maaf
: White Shoes & the Couples Company

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Tom Jack Jones - The Love Boat theme : Television's Greatest Hits Vol. 3


Adam said...

It's Jack Jones who sang the Love boat theme not Tom Jones! :-)

Anonymous said...

Correction: The Love Boat Theme was sung by Jack Jones, not Mr. Tom Jones.

Sean said...

Quite right Adam! Thanks for the correction.

JStruan said...

Sad. I saw the listing and was hoping this was a cover version by Tom.

cantsaynotohope said...

Sorry for the little spam but it's good news for fans of this band.

INDONESIAN INDIE POP BAND “White Shoes & The Couples Company” MARCH 20TH

Their only performance in North America besides South by Southwest musicfest .
The band Time Magazine calls “One of the sweetest sounds in underground music today.”

Having swung in on a cloud from way out, White Shoes & The Couples Company will make a special stop in San Francisco to perform their sole public North American show at The Make-Out Room ( 3225 22nd Street ) on March 20th at 8:00 PM.

For more info please visit: