Saturday, November 03, 2007

Umphrey's McGee live (from your music player)

Have you found yourself lamenting the apparent loss of the great jam bands? Still haven't accepted the fact that Jerry is dead and Phish is no more? Well, look no further than Chicago jamsters Umphrey's McGee. If you're not familiar with the sextet, they jam like there is no tomorrow. And I'm not talking hazy-gazey where are you going with that jam jamming, rather jamming that really demonstrates their musical prowess. Although while playing live the group produces extended jams and fronts constant improvisation, they have more of a progressive rock leaning to themselves than the Grateful Dead and Phish, who they are sometimes compared to.

For listeners who haven't attended one of Umphrey's concerts, with the release of Live at the Murat (recorded at the Murat Egyptian Room, in Indianapolis, IN on April 6 & 7, 2007) comes their first official live album, allowing you to get a good feel for their musically meandering ways. While this double CD album can be purchased as a studio produced physical album, other shows can be purchased in digital form on the band's website. Below you'll find the opening track on the album (In the Kitchen - a band staple) and the closing track (Padgett's Profile - a not so common track). If after hearing their recordings you want to take part in the real thing, tour dates can be found below.

Umphrey's McGee - In The Kitchen [Acoustic Structure] : Live At The Murat

Umphrey's McGee - Padgett's Profile : Live At The Murat

Visit their website, their label SCI Fidelity Records, and become their friend on MySpace.

Upcoming Tour Dates

November 09 IU Auditorium / Univ. of Indiana Bloomington IN
November 10 Eagles Ballroom Milwaukee WI
November 15 Amos' South End Charlotte NC
November 16 City Hall Nashville TN
November 18 Bear Creek Music Festival Quincy FL
November 29 Orbit Room Grand Rapids MI
November 30 Lifestyle Communities Pavilion Columbus OH
December 01 Michigan Theatre Ann Arbor MI
December 13-17 Caribbean Holidaze Runaway Jamaica
December 29-31 The Aragon Ballroom Chicago IL
March 16-18 Jam in the Dam Amsterdam Netherlands

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Anonymous said...

Yeah Milwaukee! Their show here last time was incredible!