Sunday, November 04, 2007

an EP foursome

The first offering here is by Chicago band Absentstar. In preparation for their major label debut release on Canvasback Music, titled Sea Trials, the band has put out a short 4 song EP to arouse some attention. The band's got a big sound with some loud sweeping hooks. If you're looking for something to listen to while practicing for Guitar Hero III, here's your thing.

Absentstar - For God's Sake : Sea Trials EP

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House of Brothers is actually one man: Andrew Jackson, former member of The Murder of Rosa Luxembourg. He's gone from a post-hardcore band to something much different: lots of strings, gentle guitar lines, uplifting melodies, and velvety vocals. He's releasing his debut solo EP, Deadman, via Big Scary Monsters Records on November 26th, and below is the title track.

House of Brothers - Deadman : Deadman EP

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I've really been enjoying listening to Listing Ship lately. Although technically speaking the six tracks I have from them are a promo only and not an EP, I'm going to bend the rules here a little so I can show them some love. The band is a sevensome that is composed of musicians with very strong, yet diverse backgrounds, and has been around since 1997. The promo is a teaser for their fourth full length release, set to be available January of 2008. What's most striking about the band's material is the presence of two very distinct vocals: one a pair of playful popish female voices - the Lockie sisters (somewhat reminiscent to me of early Liz Phair although a bit younger sounding...maybe Pony Up! is a more apt comparison), the other a deep male voice that instantly brings to mind one of the John's from They Might Be Giants or maybe the guy from Crash Test Dummies (remember the Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm song?). Regardless, I'm really looking forward to hearing the entire album once it comes out. Here are two songs, one with the gal singing (Open Your Heart), the other with the guy (the title track-which feels like an Irish sea ditty).

Listing Ship - Open Your Heart : from the forthcoming A Hull Full of Oil and Bone

Listing Ship - Hull Full of Oil and Bone : from the forthcoming A Hull Full of Oil and Bone

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Can you really go wrong with free music? What's 5 mb of space on your hard drive for a song? That being said, it's even more of a windfall when that free music is actually pretty good. Take for example The Muckrakers' latest online free single for their song Gravity. In case you didn't know, the band was one of the first to be certified gold from selling mp3's back in 2000, so clearly they know the power of the mp3. Knowing that, it's no surprise that they will be releasing three digital singles (one month at a time) in preparation of their yet-to-be-titled fourth disc, due early 2008. Here's the first, which includes a very listenable cover of the Boss.

The Muckrakers - Gravity : Gravity Single

The Muckrakers - Atlantic City (Bruce Springsteen cover) : Gravity Single B-Side

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