Wednesday, November 07, 2007

The Vandelles don't surf!

Picture the low-fi reverbed vocals of The Raveonettes. Add some quick, down n' dirty guitar licks a la Ramones. Now send it surfing with Dick Dale and his surf rock sound. What do you end up with? The Vandelles. Retro sounds packaged up in a spiffy five track self-titled EP. Get it now to listen to while watching Apocalypse Now and screaming "Charlie don't surf!"

The Vandelles - Swell To Heaven : The Vandelles

Visit their label Safranin Sound and become their friend on MySpace.


The Raveonettes - Attack Of The Ghost Riders : Whip It On

The Ramones - Surfin' Safari (Beach Boys cover) : buy some Ramones

Dick Dale & the Del-Tones - Death of a Gremmie : Greatest Hits 1961-1976

Eugene Ormandy: Philadelphia Orchestra - Die Walk├╝re (Ride of Valkyries) : Wagner: Greatest Hits


Anonymous said...

ramones link no workee

Sean said...

Thanks for letting me know anon. All fixed now...sorry about that.