Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Yea Big + Kid Static = Oh, YEA!

Take a look at the two men above. I wouldn't trust them with operating on my pancreas, but damn they spin some hot hip hop. Their names are Yea Big and Kid Static, and they're teamed up to release a disc creatively named Yea Big + Kid Static, which they released at the end of last month. Individually they both front impressive resumes. Put them together and you have mayhem.

The dynamic duo describes their own music as "retro futuristic comic book hip hop." Do they award a Grammy for that? Seriously though, the pair throws down some lines that remind you of the days when rap wasn't all about gangsta's knockin' each other off, it was !GASP!, fun! Remember those days of doing The Humpty Dance? How about finding out about your girl having some other chump as Just A Friend?

Listen to the following few tracks to give you a reminder if you need it. The first, with a name like We've Built A Time Machine That Runs On Beats. We Shall Only Use It For Good., I just had to include, even if it was the worst track on the album (which it isn't!). The second, Joining Forces, follows the classic rap formula of introducing the rappers, so I've included it as well.

Yea Big + Kid Static - We've Built A Time Machine That Runs On Beats. We Shall Only Use It For Good. : Yea Big + Kid Static

Yea Big + Kid Static - Joining Forces : Yea Big + Kid Static

Visit Yea Big's website, Kid Static's website, their label Jib Door, and become their friend on MySpace.


Digital Underground - The Humpty Dance : Sex Packets

Biz Markie - Just A Friend : A Tribute to D12

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yea big + kid static stay fresh & rock