Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter basket of EPs

Today, enjoy a collection of EPs: some from older artists, some from new kids on the block (and I don't mean NKOTB)


The first is from a group that I've written about before almost a year ago back here. At that time, Midnight Movies was releasing their second album Lion the Girl. Earlier this month they released a new EP (titled simply Nights EP) with 6 tracks that make an interesting mix. Starting out the EP is a cover of the Moody Blues' Nights In White Satin (fairly admirably done), and closing the EP is the same song, but sung in French . In addition, there are two tracks from the last album re-interpreted: the album opener Souvenirs remixed by Nick Zinner, and the James Iha remix of Patient Eye that had been floating around previously. To round out the EP are two tracks that were recorded during the Lion the Girl sessions that failed to make the album: Should Have Known and Stormy Eyes. All in all, this is a fine addition to the library, especially if you were a fan of their last album - in fact these tracks feel like they should be added on for a special edition of the album some day.

Midnight Movies - Nights In White Satin (Moody Blues cover) : Nights EP

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Another band I wrote about previously (back in December), The Terrordactyls, also released their Mike Bowers EP earlier this month. Just like their debut album, this 5 track EP is quick and quirky. All 5 tracks are covers of songs by a Seattle band who they're close friends with (and label-mates), The Pharmacy. They've taken songs that originally feel like garage punk and turned them into songs you feel you could hear in a daycare. Suffice to say, just like with Midnight Movies, if you enjoyed their debut, you'll enjoy this EP as well.

The Terrordactyls - Prince (The Pharmacy cover) : Mike Bowers EP

The Pharmacy - Prince : B.F.F.

Visit their website, their label Don't Stop Believin' Records, and become their friend on MySpace.


The next artist is a new project from Davey La, who used to front the UK quintet Ambershades. He's gathered some mates together to put together a compact 4 track EP titled the Rotten in Denmark EP. It's definitely got that Brit-indie-pop feel to it (think Franz Ferdinand) with an uptempo feel, a very loud and thick instrumental backdrop, and a live track that wraps things up nice and tidy showcasing the bands concert chops. It's out April 15th, so in the meantime, enjoy this song that you won't find on it once you order it.

Davey La - Naked Jesus : Unreleased

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And now for someone completely new: Boo and Boo Too. They're a five piece hailing from that hotbed of indie music: Lawrence, Kansas. Their music is loud, fuzzy, and swings from 2 to 10 on the drop of a hat. Think The Cure if Robert Smith stopped feeling so bad for himself and started feeling pissed off. The EP is self-titled, and like Davey La's, is a compact 4 track affair.

Boo And Boo Too - Couch on Fire : Boo And Boo Too EP

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Last, but not least are the New Jerseyites Of Fate and Chance (that's right, music didn't end there with Bruce Springsteen or Bon Jovi). Whereas Boo and Boo Too turn up the noise and get a little fuzzy and distorted along the way, Of Fate and Chance rock out loud and clear. The group has been friends since Middle School, when they first came together to rock out. The music has a hard-driving quality to it that seems like the perfect soundtrack for rolling down the windows and driving fast once Spring shows up.

Of Fate and Chance - Bravery : An Atlas to Solutions

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