Thursday, March 06, 2008

Static Revenger

On May 6, producer/DJ/multi-instrumentalist Static Revenger (or Dennis White to his mom) will be releasing his newest project, titled Love Song Surprise. And for those familiar with his previous work, this album will truly be a surprise. Although White hasn't completely ditched the electronic playground he's so well known to inhabit, this new album's tone and focus departs from his usual dance element and instead brings together a collection of, you guessed it, love songs. Don't expect sappy strings and piano tinkling ballads though; White still employs a strong helping of electronic beats to propel the tracks along. The entire album has got a quick feel to it as a result, although the shortest track is still three and three quarter minutes long.

If you can't wait until May to get your hands on the complete album, it will be available digitally April 15th. That being just as far away for all practical purposes, give the following two a try to give you the flavor. Sweetest Day has got a guitar line just under the surface that instantly reminded me of U2's One and along with the 7th track, Love, has the most organic texture to it. Satellite has got an electro-geekish pop to it that makes you want to root for the guy with the pocket protector.

Static Revenger - Sweetest Day : Love Song Surprise

Static Revenger - Satellite : Love Song Surprise

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c said...

wow, yeah i totally here the "one" guitar parts in there. nice call.

i like his vocal delivery. wasn't familiar with him before. good stuff.