Saturday, March 01, 2008

Visiting The Billie Burke Estate

Just a quick blurb for you this morning about The Billie Burke Estate. Although it's quite a grand name, full of pomposity, the band is in fact one man: Andy Liotta. They/he self-produced and released their second full length album, Let Your Heart Break, back in January. Although it's only Liotta's second solo release, he's got over 20 years of experience making music in the San Francisco area where he had fronted two power trios: Smokin' Rhythm Prawns and Walrus. Since then, he's brought the decibel level down a few notches.

The album is truly a piano driven pop album at heart. Clear catchy lyrics to sing along with and piano chords that accentuate instead of overwhelm give the album an easy listenability level.

Visit their website and become their friend on MySpace.

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