Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Rosie Taylor Project

Looking at the group seated around the table above, you'll guess that they're not a bunch of raucous knockabouts. As a group they're known as The Rosie Taylor Project, and listening to their debut album This City Draws Map will only codify that initial assumption. Its eight tracks wistfully glide along sporting delicate and airy instrumentation with nary a hiccup. About the most rousing part of the whole affair are some horns that devilishly sneak in here and there to ease out a few notes before disappearing back beneath the surface. Imagine Camera Obscura in their quieter moments with a male vocalist but even slower and mellower and you'll be in the right neck of the woods.

The album comes out next month on the 21st from fledgling label Bad Sneakers Records. Coincidentally, the album is not only the band's debut release, but it's also the debut release of the label. The album is chock full of beautiful melodies that sweep through your ears as smooth as honey. If the album is any any indication of good things to come, hopefully both the band and the label will be around to put out more tunes.

and one from the first 7" single:

Visit their label Bad Sneakers Records and become their friend on MySpace.

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Ed said...

Rosie Taylor project are absolutely fab. Bad Sneakers have sent me a review copy (sure they'd do the same for you too!) and I reviewed it here: www17seconds.blo(

It's great stuff, and i'm glad to see a fellow blogger posting on them too.