Saturday, March 15, 2008

Hanne Hukkelberg

Earlier this month, Norwegian singer Hanne Hukkelberg released her sophomore album, Rykestrasse 68 on her new label Nettwerk. In some ways, Hanne reminds me of Icelandic singer Bjork, with her distinctive elfin vocals that effortlessly hovers in whispers at one momemt and then soars with strength and authority in the next. She started singing and playing instruements at age 3, and her natural ease is evident. Behind her are instruments just as striking, ranging from the more typical: vibes, glockenspiel, theremin, strings, to the more unique: typewriter keys click-clacking away, cats purring, kitchen utensils, and spinning bicycle wheels.

The album has a sparse smokey jazz feel to it at times that befits a dark lunge but which evolves out and soars into atmospheric orchestratic arrangements that transcend four walls and seek to fly free. Hanne took a minute to explain the story behind the album's second track, A Cheater's Armoury.
"This song was the song that was the most fun to write and was the hardest to record. I composed it in Berlin and it was pretty spontaneous, but back then it was a song way too groovy to suit the rest of the songs, it was actually not a very serious song, was just made for fun. But it was too cool to throw away so I had a huge job working with the lyrics and the music. The producer and I used way too much time on this song, but it got very nice in the end, and I was very glad having Andreas Paleologos to make me a very beautiful animation video for the song."
Another stand out track on the album is a hauntingly striking cover of an old Pixies' song, Break My Body. You can listen to both below to sample Hanne's range.

(watch the video)

and one from her first album:

Visit her website, her label Nettwerk Records, and become her friend on MySpace.


The Pixies - Break My Body : Surfer Rosa

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