Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Singing like a Canary

I'm going to confess some geographic ignorance here. I really know just a smidge bit more than nothing about the Canary Islands. Here's the depth of my knowledge: they're located off the coast of Africa. That's it in a nutshell. Strike that, I now know something else about the Canary Islands: it's where musician Norma Wilow lives.

Norma fronted a Britpop band in the 90's named Tiny Monroe that I know about as much about as the Canary Islands. Thankfully they don't play an important part in this story. Norma parted ways with them, moved to the above mentioned Canary Islands, and started making music of a different vein. The Cyber Cafe, her third album, features her, her, and also her (and a guest guitarist on one of the tracks). It was recorded in her home studio with basic equipment which while readily apparent, does not detract from the album as a whole. It's a thoroughly acoustic set, fairly upbeat in tempo, laying the foundation for Norma's warm mature vocals.

Try the following two tracks and then head to Norma's website to hear a few more and order some for yourself.

Norma Wilow - The Edge of the World : The Cyber Cafe

Norma Wilow - Persuasion : The Cyber Cafe

Visit her website.


Anonymous said...

Sean, I just cannot believe this coincidence ... I found your blog only yesterday while I was searching for a tune you list and subscribed to your feed in order to enjoy future posts (it has to be said, mainly for the Sunday Soul.)

So what should be the first new post in my feedreader today?

Norma Wilow the singing Canary. :)

You see, on a clear day from the other end of the valley where I've lived on Tenerife's north west tip for the last 9 years (and 16 years on the island in total), I can see the neighbouring Canary Island of La Palma.

Not only that, but the name of Norma Wilow is familiar to me, because an online contact of mine for several years, is a friend of Norma's and also writes for Ruido magazine. Sheila also has a blog about A small rock in the Atlantic (La Palma) and I produce Secret Tenerife (for my sins), so now you can find out all there is to know about the Canary Islands that you didn't know you wanted to know! :)

Actually, I think you already know 100% more than most people. You knew that the islands off the coast of Africa. Most Americans seem to think they're in the Pacific and most Brits only vaguely know that they have something to do with Spain.

Sean said...

That really is too funny! I'm glad you enjoy the Sunday Soul - It's one of my favorite posts to put up every week. Hopefully you'll find other good music to listen to as well.