Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Adele (A.K.A. Sia Winehouse)

At age 19, I was taking a break from college and working at Subway until I decided if I wanted to go back and for what. I can't say that I'd accomplished anything to write home about at that point. Adele Laurie Blue Adkins (who goes by simply Adele) has put together 19, her debut album, which blows anything I had created at that point in my life right out of the water.

Adele is another tasty import from the UK, and although still at a tender age, is making music beyond her years. I've been listening to her album a lot lately, but it only took me one listen to really get into it. My first impression / comparison was between her and Australian via UK singer Sia. She's got a strong soulful sound that at times also dips into Amy Winehouse territory (minus the car-wreck of a drinking problem and rough-around-the-edges vocabulary). For an example of the former, check out Chasing Pavements below; for the latter, try Right As Rain.

As is the usual case with those crazy Brits, the album is already circulating in the streets there. On this continent you can get it digitally though through Amazon or iTunes, but will have to wait until June 10th for the physical album. If you enjoy either of the previously mentioned artists, I'm almost positive that you'll enjoy Adele and her album.

Visit her website, her label Columbia Records, and become her friend on MySpace.


Zero 7 (Feat. Sia) - Distractions : Simple Things


Anonymous said...

I don't like adele.

Only because her debut single Hometown Glory completely ripped off one of my favourite Sia songs - breathe me and its not as good.

And as I heard recently her single cold shoulder bears a passing resemblance to massive attack's unfinished sympathy.

She comes across a bit full of herself too.

oren said...

That cold shoulder song is definately sampled.

easy said...

Adele's "right as rain" song is the best,it soulful.

Daddy Mogashoa said...

I like Adele.

Her Single "Chasing Pavements" its More than words could say and it is also an eye opener to those who claims to know about love ways.

To those who hates her i'd say "give her a break,she has the most beautiful voice ever"