Friday, April 11, 2008

Hve you listened to Van Morrison lately?

R&B, jazz, blues, country, Celtic folk - Van Morrison has been an artist who's played them all by his own rules since he first started making music back in the 60's, and he's not stopping any time soon. Ever since his first band, Them, and it's long-lasting, oft-covered Gloria, Van Morrison has created music that stands out as both unique and artistically diverse, with no regard as to popular trends or acceptance. On April 1st he release the aptly titled Keep It Simple, his first album of all new material since 1999.

The album opens up with the 100% pure blues track How Can A Poor Boy? (which you can listen to below). Morrison's love of the blues is common knowledge; listen to his 1993 album Too Long In Exile where he pairs up with blues' legend John Lee Hooker for proof. From there Morrison shift through his broad repertoire of genres. Try Song of Home for a different flavor, one of some clean country gospel.

There's not necessarily anything revolutionary here, just thoroughly solid music that Morrison continuously works to get as close to perfection as possible. And amazingly, after being at it for over 40 years, his voice still smoothly descends, ascends, and enticingly pulls you in like a gypsy fortune teller. The album has comfortably familiar warmth to it for Morrison fans, which some might interpret as staleness, but when you have such a unique and inimitable style, why would you want to lose that?

The album is already out, so enjoy the two tracks below for a preview, then head to Morrison's website to listen to the rest of the album and decide if it's a required addition to your collection.

Van Morrison - How Can A Poor Boy : Keep It Simple

Van Morrison - Song of Home : Keep It Simple

Visit his website, his label Lost Highway Records, and become his friend on MySpace.


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ryan said...

hello! would it be possible to reupload the have i told you lately song? i have been dying to hear it!

Sean said...

Hey Ryan,

I would love to but I got slapped on the wrist for posting these by Mr. Web Sheriff.