Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Old Man Luedecke

If you're not familiar with the Black Hen Music label from up north of the border (Canada for those of you who are geographically illiterate), you're missing some really solid and diverse music that digs to the roots. It's run by a man of the name Steve Dawson who, when not recording his own albums, pulls together some great talent. His latest release comes from Old Man Luedecke, who's put together his second album, titled Proof of Love.

If I didn't know the Old Man came from Nova Scotia, I'd swear that he grew up in the Appalachians somewhere down south. His music fully revolves around his banjo playing, at times plucking out distinct and raucous notes, and at others walking a rhythm that flows through the songs mournfully. If you at all enjoy the distinct sound of a banjo, you'll appreciate what the Old Man does with it. Behind him, he's gathered a few friends from the label to help out. The before-mentioned Steve Dawson contributes quite liberally, and The Sojourners (a gospel group - read about them here) provide some guest vocals on one of the tracks as well.

All told, the album's a fine slice of folksy Americana.

Visit his website, his label Black Hen Music, and become his friend on MySpace.


The Sojourners - Jesus Hits Like The Atom Bomb : Hold On

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