Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Barry Adamson - One Cool Cat

Few artists can boast such a diverse career as British musician Barry Adamson. In the late 70's Adamson joined up with ex-Buzzcock Howard Devoto in the formation of the group Magazine. From there he went on to join Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds and stayed with that band for their first four albums. After that he began his solo career, during which he's produced several soundtracks. Later this month (the 22nd to be precise), his seventh full-length album comes out in physical form, titled Back to the Cat (you can get it digitally now though).

If you're not familiar with Adamson's work, Back to the Cat has got a smoky jazzy feel to it that would feel right at home in a old gumshoe detective movie. It's got a film noir sense to it that makes you feel almost dirty listening to it, but at the same time posing as the femme fatale that you just can't resist falling for. As the album progresses, you'll catch some organ and horns thrown into the mix to take you out of the juke joint and into the realm of soul and even a little funk. It's nearly impossible to classify the album as a whole as it shifts gears numerous times between beginning and end. Try the following two tracks to give you a slight sliver and then if you like what you hear you can either download the whole album now or order it later this month.

and one from his last album:

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nice nice nice niceness. love adamson's produce. thanks, mr not so bad