Monday, February 09, 2009

Findlay Brown takes us back

Findlay Brown dropped his first album a few years ago. I hadn't heard about it, and I'm not sure that anyone else had either, but he's back for round two, and this time I'm listening. It's titled Love Will Find You, and while I can't compare it to his earlier work, I can tell you that it's a heck of a lot 50's doo-wop meets Roy Orbison. Yea, you read that right, Findlay would make a damn fine Orbison tribute singer. I almost wish he had covered Pretty Woman on the album, but perhaps he's saving it for a b-side.

Seriously though, this album definitely has that AM radio oldies feel to it that reminds me a lot of fellow Brit Richard Hawley. The album is slated for release in May (not sure of a date, but you'll probably forget by then anyway), but here are a couple of songs to take with you and a link to check out some more of his music.

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