Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Laura Gibson on Mortality

"In looking back over these songs, I found two themes arising: First, reaching towards something outside of ourselves, be it a lover or god or family (Communion Songs) and second, grappling with the idea of ultimate aloneness and acceptance (Funeral Songs)."
-Laura Gibson, on her album Beasts Of Seasons

For those of you who checked out my Favorites of 2008 list, you might remember seeing Laura Gibson's Six White Horses on it. For those of you who didn't see it on the list, trust me, it was there, and if you haven't heard it it's a lovely six track EP neatly encompassing Laura's covers of some beautiful blues numbers. Needless to say, definitely worth your time to check out.

But today is not about 2008, it's about 2009, and more specifically February 24th, 2009, the date when Laura will release her next full length album, Beasts Of Seasons. Laura's music has always been of a muted texture, with shades of gray expressing her deep shared secrets, and her newest album is no different. As the above quote suggests, the nine tracks here all revolve around the idea of mortality, and her minimalistic, bare bones, folkish approach serves the subject well. It's a rich dose of tragical sweetness whose beauty lies in its melancholy fullness.

Below you can listen to Spirited, the third track and the closest thing to an upbeat number that you'll find here. Look for the rest on the 24th.

and an old favorite:

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