Tuesday, February 24, 2009

From here to Southeast Engine

A few weeks ago I wrote about Ben Kweller's latest album Changing Horses and commented what a shocking departure from his previous albums it was for me. Well, luckily for me, I stumbled across another new album that just came out last week which stands in for a stunt double for the album that I was expecting from Ben. It's titled From the Forest to the Sea, and it was recorded in the musical hotbed of Stewart, Ohio by Ohioans Southeast Engine.

Adam Remnant, who provides lead vocals for the album, really sounds a lot like Ben to me, and the musical orientation is this side of the fence of country. You can still see country landscape here, but it's a garage indie strain that's a little less of a leap for those of us who might not get out of the city much. Take The Forest III, for example, a track that in its slow deliberate opening, actually reminds me a little of a different southern rock icon (from Canada!) who doesn't wear his colors on a Stetson, Neil Young. As the track goes on, the pace picks up though, leaving Young behind. The other track you can listen to here, Black Gold, really gets movin' with a 60's brit rock and pop feel to it.

The bottom line is, if you're a Kweller fan who's still feeling a little shell shock, this album might help get you through the rough times until you can come to grips with Ben's new sound.

(watch the video)

Visit their website, their label Misra Records, and become their friend on MySpace.


Austin said...


Jane said...

Black Gold is a great pick, Sean, thank you.

Sean said...

You're quite welcome Jane!

Behzad said...

The first 2 minutes of "The Forest III" reminds me of some "Neutral Milk Hotel" stuff like "In the Aeroplane Over the Sea". it's not the lyric, it doesn't have political content about WWII, nazism, Anne Frank, etc. it's just singing style.
thanks for sharing.