Saturday, February 07, 2009

A Red Cat In The Doghouse

When I first gave Night On LegHorn a spin, I really didn't know much about it or its creator, A Red Cat In The Doghouse. Truth is, I still don't know much about him, but I do know that I've been enjoying the album. What I have found out about this odd named act is that it's the moniker for an Italian DJ in Rome by the name of Aido who's worked as a rock and roll guitarist, sound engineer, and producer before putting out this, his latest production.

The album, with only eight tracks, rolls by fairly quickly and even in those eight tracks is a fairly diverse lot. On it Aido plays acoustic and electric guitar, sansula (a sort of mbira or kalimba, an African mallet), ney (an Arab flute), virtual synths and virtual Rhodes, drum sequences and sample editing. He takes all of these very organic instruments and then turns them on their side with mixing, scratching and editing, to produce an electronic hybrid.

As said before, no two tracks sound alike, so trying to give you one or two as samples isn't all that representative. At times, it fronts a reggae feel, other times an Asian edge. Then you get to Riot Times, with what I think is the tiniest sliver of a sample of Run DMC's It's Like That which they snuck in. So instead, I'll just give you my favorite cut from the album, the second track Rise Up, which features rapper One Self, in hopes that it will lead you to the rest of the album.

Visit his label Ropeadope and become his friend on MySpace.

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