Thursday, February 05, 2009

Those Days

now we're walking along and you're humming a song
about a boy in love with the moon.
but he left it too long and soon it was gone,
slipped away like untied balloons.
and the little boy didn't think he should protect it,
but it slipped his grasp and he let it

in those days i had it all but i lost it
and now i'm just a lonely fool,
i tried much too late and it costed
can someone take me back to those days?

i could have been the one who sleeps beside you,
but now i greet the morning light alone.
can someone take me back?

Matt York - Those Days : Mine

Visit his website, his label Rock Ridge Music, and become his friend on MySpace.


Jane said...

Great song. I wasn't sure the music could live up to the lyrics, but it certainly did. I love the piano. Maybe it just really hits the spot this morning, since I have a bad case of the winter blahs .... Thanks.

Sean said...

Glad you like it Jane. The song hit me the first time I listened to the album too and I listened to it for about 3 times in a row before going on.