Wednesday, March 04, 2009

The Best (two) BPA contests yet!


Alright folks, here's your chance to break into the big leagues. Straight from the Slim man's mouth:
"COME ONE COME ALL! The infamous BPA lost tapes that were recently found in a warehouse near Brighton have once again thrown up another classic record... well at least half of one! While running through the tapes during a recent remastering session in London, a forgotten tune was discovered. It's blurry, but there are some memories of this track once having a vocal and sounding brilliant... problem being no one associated with the BPA can remember who it was singing or how it went!

This is where you come in. Join the ranks of David Byrne, Iggy Pop, Martha Wainwright, Jamie T and Dizzee Rascal. Write and record lyrics to the uncovered backing track yourself. Who knows, maybe the spirit of the original song will channel through you, maybe you'll write a better song, whatever way it turns out, enjoy yourself...The BPA always did!
That's right. They provide the instrumental cut, and you give it a title, lyrics, and sing your little heart out and you could be in the money. Get your magic together and your submission in by March 31st. Head here to read the fine print at the official contest site.



The first five readers to leave a comment with their name and e-mail (or e-mail me directly) will get a free copy of I Think We're Gonna Need A Bigger Boat sent their way. Talk about immediate gratification...get those fingers of yours typing!

UPDATE - All the CD's are gone, congrats to the quick typers!

And if those weren't enough to butter your bread, HEAD HERE for a new BPA mixtape expertly crafted by DJ Charlie Stains.

And to add some sprinkles on top, a song to listen to while you're processing all this goodness.

Visit their website and become the BPA's friend on MySpace.


festus said...

me! me! me! (frantic waving)

Sean said...

You got one Festus! Either e-mail me or leave your e-mail address here so I can get a hold of you and your address to send it to you.

Anonymous said...

This is Ryan.

That is all.

Except for thank you.

Charlie said...

yeah why not?

name's Charlie,

email is