Monday, March 09, 2009

Visit Planet Pimp

I know, I know, the band name Soil & "Pimp" Sessions might be a little off putting. When I first read it, it threw me back a step or two. Then you get to the album's title, Planet Pimp, and you have to ask, what are these guys on? Well, thanks to famed UK DJ and musical prophet Gilles Peterson, who've helped bring their music to both the UK and the US, you have the chance to listen to them yourself and experience a genre of music which they've dubbed "Death Jazz."

So what is Death Jazz you might ask. I'd sum it up as brash electronic-jazz-funk-fusion madness with horns that go big and bold. Forget your grandfather's jazz, or even your father's jazz. Louis Armstrong is probably rolling over in his grave listening to these six guys from Japan take his beloved jazz and turn it up way past 10. For those people who think jazz is dead, this sextet will try to prove you wrong.

and an older one:

Visit their website, their label Brownswood Recordings, and become their friend on MySpace.

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