Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Submarines re-surface again

Submarines fans rejoice - while the band hasn't released an album of new material yet, they have made available a pair of EPs of remixes, appropriately titled Honeysuckle Remixes and EP1 and EP2. As you might guess, they include some mix-mastery of cuts from their sophomore release, Honeysuckle Weeks, and are digital only releases. Here's what they include:

1. You, Me and the Bourgeoisie (Tonetiger Remix)
2. 1940 (AmpLive Remix)
3. You, Me and the Bourgeoisie (Alaska In Winter Remix)
4. Brightest Hour (Morgan Page Remix)

1. Submarine Symphonika (Ra Ra Riot Remix)
2. Submarine Symphonika (Wallpaper Remix)
3. Brightest Hour (Free the Robots Remix)
4. Xavia (Styrofoam Remix)
5. 1940 (Section Quartet Mix)

As with any of your favorite tracks that have been fiddled with, some might spin your top and some might get you hot. Pick and choose your favorites. Here's one from the first EP that works for me:

Visit their website, their label Nettwerk Records, and become their friend on MySpace.

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Rich K. said...

Thanks, Sean! Didn't know about this!