Friday, March 13, 2009


help yourself i hear you mourning at the dawn.
ask which side of all this lying are you on.
Did you build yourself a runway? Did you tell yourself tomorrow? Did you cry?
And are you dressed in hesitation
when you tell yourself that everything’s alright?
'Cuz I see a distance in your smile.
And what your Mondays have become could be the rest of your life.
Desdemona you're not dead yet and it’s not wrong.
If you want everything in life under the sun.
under the sun
under the sun

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Jane said...

Another great selection, Sean. I came across A Sucker's Dream only a couple weeks ago, and Patty Griffin's name on this track was what drew my attention. But 30 seconds into the song, I forgot all about Griffin. It's a lovely song in its own right.

Sean said...

I completely agree Jane, Patty's presence is so light. In fact, I listened to the album before reading the track listing and this song caught my ear right off the bat. When I went to find it's name on the case I noticed Patty's name next to it and had to go back and listen to the song again to pick up on her and make the connection.