Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Young MC Busts it Again

From our wonderful friends over at Delicious Vinyl, the same folks who gave us the deluxe edition of Tone-Loc's masterpiece Loc'd After Dark, comes another deluxe edition, this time of the old skool classic Stone Cold Rhymin'. That's right, Marvin Young (aka Young MC pictured above on his very own Yo! MTV Raps trading card) struck gold with this, his debut album back in 1989, headed up with the smash single Bust A Move. Although he went on to release several other follow-ups, he never hit again, and was relegated to the one hit wonder bin.

Coincidentally, Young MC happened to co-write two of Tone-Loc's big hits as well: Funky Thing and Funky Cold Medina, but the pair seemed destined to be left in 1989, until now that is, with Delicious Vinyl's re-release of these classics. I'm not going to lie to you, this album feels like 1989, so if you're down with that, this'll bring back some good memories. If not, you might want to stick with just busting a move. Besides the album's original thirteen cuts, there are some extra tracks to spice it up a bit:

14. I Come Off (Southern Comfort Mix)
15. Principal's Office (Impact Remix)
16. Bust A Move (Diplo RMX)
17. Know How Theme (RMX by Aaron LaCrate & Debonair Samir)
18. I Let 'Em Know (Matt Dike Remix)
19. Pick Up The Pace 1990
20. Got More Rhymes (MEN RMX)

I'm going to cut into the album here and share a track that you may not have ever heard, Know How, a track that pulls in some funky guitar via Isaac Hayes' Shaft, and a remix of Young's signature song courtesy of Don Rimini from the Rmxxology album.

The album came out on the 17th, but to be honest, I'm not sure where you can pick it up yet. Keep your eyes open, and in the meantime, enjoy the following:

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