Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Game Called Life

It's so hard to turn your life over
Step out of your comfort zone
It's so hard to choose one direction
When your future is unknown

Is this some kind of a joke?
Will someone wake me up soon?
And tell me this was just a game we play
Called life

Yup, that's a ukelele you see there in the hands of Shirli McAllen, who alongside Austin Nicholsen (that's him with the trumpet), form the heart of Leftover Cuties. No, don't expect any Don Ho covers here, instead you'll find an old-timey folksy/jazz atmosphere that takes you back even farther in time than yesterday's post on Vinyl Life. Perhaps it's retro week here at MISB, I'll have to check the calendar.

Regardless, Leftover Cuties, besides having a blushingly cute name, have put out a five track EP entitled Game Called Life in preparation for their first full length album which is due by the end of the year. The opening title track, which you can hear below, is a great introduction to the group, with it's happy-go-lucky whistle-along-ability alongside lyrics that seem a little contemplative and pensive (some are posted above). All five of the tracks here tend to drift on a downhill emotional slope (even Happy Song), making me think that the two are more of a "the glass is half empty" pair. Check out their song below though, even if you aren't in a gloomy mood.

Visit their website and become their friend on MySpace.

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