Sunday, September 20, 2009

Jazz Brunch Jam - Concierto De Aranjuez

Miles Davis. Need I say more? The jazz musician of all time? Possibly. This track, recorded live at Carnegie Hall in 1961, comes from the Legacy edition of Sketches of Spain, the next album released after his career (and genre) defining Kind Of Blue. It's a massively complex orchestral work that infuses Spanish flair into the genius that was Miles. The Legacy edition, in addition to the five original tracks, adds twelve additional cuts, some alternate takes, one live (below), some recordings from other sessions, and extensive liner notes (including some digital ones with rare photos, clippings, etc.).

Visit his website, this release's label Sony Legacy, and become his friend on MySpace.


April said...

We just bought that record (actual vinyl) at a flea market. Excellent!

Sean said...

I bet you got it on the cheap, too. Triple score - Miles, vinyl, super steal.