Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Richard Hawley goes low

Next Tuesday marks the release of Richard Hawley's new album Truelove's Gutter. It's been roughly two years since his last release, Lady's Bridge (written about back here), so the new one is well due. It's a marked departure from the last in several ways. First off, on the surface level, it only contains eight tracks, although it's still roughly the same length overall (the final track Don't You Cry clocks in at 10:43). In terms of substance, the tone of this album is several shades darker than his older stuff. It still displays his signature baritone vocals, but it's almost downright depressing from beginning to end. This is most certainly not a pick-you-up album in any way, shape or form, so consider yourself warned.

If you've got the fortitude to keep your chin up, check out the first single from the album below: For Your Lover Give Some Time. It's out with two B-sides: Sorry I Lost My Way ( a non-album track) and an instrumental version of the Albert King his song Born Under A Bad Sign. The rest of the album will be released on the 22nd, but you can pre-order it now as well.

an older favorite:

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Anonymous said...

Born Under a Bad Sign is written by Richard Hawley - a totally different track to any song of the same name by Albert King.

Sean said...

Thanks for pointing that out Anon!