Friday, October 19, 2007

Richard Hawley, forging ahead

Richard Hawley is back for his 5th effort, titled Lady's Bridge (named after a London landmark, just like his previous albums), and he's not resting on his laurels. Since moving on from working as a guitarist for acts like Pulp, Robbie Williams, and Beth Orton, Richard has clearly displayed a talent that can carry itself, and he's certainly developed it. On the new album, Richard stills displays that lush baritone croon that is his trademark (listen to The Sea Calls), but he's also a little more explorative in tracks like Serious (offered below) which cuts off into rockabilly territory a la Brian Setzer. For those of you not familiar with Richard, his voice is like Nick Cave's deep leveled voice meeting up with the smoother crooning of someone like Tony Bennett.

Last year, Richard was robbed of a Mercury Prize (even the winners, the Arctic Monkeys, thought so) so perhaps the judges will wisen up a little bit with the release of Lady's Bridge. Listen to the following, buy the new album, then check out all of his back catalog for all the good music you've been missing.

Richard Hawley - Serious : Lady's Bridge

Richard Hawley - The Sea Calls : Lady's Bridge

And a couple older ones:

Richard Hawley - Run For Me : Lowedges

Richard Hawley - The Light At The End Of The Tunnel (Was A Train Coming The Other Way)
: Late Night Final

Visit his website, his label Mute Records, and become his friend on MySpace.


Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - Into My Arms : The Boatman's Call

Tony Bennett - Steppin' Out With My Baby : Steppin' Out

Stray Cats - Rock This Town : Totally 80's


Anonymous said...

I always loved Richard's stuff. Especially Lady's Bridge!
One of the best albums of the year. Fav is The Sun Refused to Shine

Anonymous said...

I'm having a premonition. Comments from Sheffield may come your way.

Ardyss Elena Hawley said...

LOL. I'm searching music for the Stray Cats and downloading a Rock This Town and I come across this website. Has the name "Hawley" in it so I read about it. It IS my last name! :O I'ma check out your music now, see if ya awesome and I can show ya to my friends at school. :3

Katrina said...

Thanks to this site and project playlist I've discovered Hawley and I've just bought quite a few of his songs, but it's impossible to locate Run for me on amazon or itunes and this link is dead--- is there another place i can go?

Sean said...


You can find it on iTunes HERE.

I'll be writing about his new album (True Love's Gutter) in the next week or two - so keep your eyes open!