Monday, October 15, 2007

Monday EP Madness

Looking for a shot of new wave techno rave that's heavy on the dance vibes and easy on the bass lines? Try giving Couples Therapy, the latest EP from NYC duo The Glass. It came out last month and its futuristic throw-back sound (how paradoxical is that?) is sure to get your feet moving and glow-stick swinging.

The Glass - Mad At You : Couples Therapy

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Another EP I've been spinning lately is Virgin of the Birds' latest, Mixed Choir. In texture and the vocal stylings of Jon Rooney, it greatly reminds me of Page France, albeit a little less jubilant. Replacing the hallelujahs is a lo-fi sound that's an emotional opposite to the upbeat tempo of Michael Nau.

Virgin of the Birds - Sisters At The Sound Of Dawn : Mixed Choir

Visit their website, their label Abandoned Love Records, and become their friend on MySpace.


Up next is the six track self titled debut EP by The Archivist (which you can get for FREE from his website!). You might remember me talking about Wisconsin not being a hot bed of indie activity while discussing Sleeping In the Aviary last week. Well lo and behold, what shows up but this EP, hailing from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Maybe the government is doing some kind of mutation testing there. Should I expect my inbox to be chock full of bands from Wisconsin soon?

The Archivist - New Years : The Archivist EP

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Last, but not least, is the strangest of the crew. Hailing from across the ocean, all the way from Holland to your eardrums, is another free EP from Yoshimi!, this one titled Ep #2 II aka. The Cheshire Rat. Maybe strange is an understatement. Listen yourself...

Yoshimi! - Hot Stuff : Ep #2 II aka. The Cheshire Rat

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Comet Star Moon said...

The problem with Wisconsin is our bands are very DIY (pros and cons). Madison and Milwaukee are on the verge of bubbling over with hot acts. Just wait and see! (if I didn't have to run out the door I would post a list for you to check out, in the meantime, you will just have to trust me!)

Side note: Madison's Pale Young Gentlemen just hit metacritic's top 30 albums of 2007 list.

Sean said...

Thanks for the local scene report CSM. From now on, you're my go-to man for all things Wisconsin! I'll be sure to check out Pale Young Gentleman, and if you get a chance to post that link you mentioned, I'll head there, too.