Saturday, October 20, 2007

Go Green - with GreenTaRA

So not only is GreenTaRA a trio, it's also the name of the leader of the trio. What's more important is that she / they has / have released her / their second album earlier this month, titled Global Baby. As GreenTaRA explains in the liner notes, "This album truly is my global baby - a collections of songs written during my travels, past and present-day, across the globe." As such, the whole affair is a luxurious, worldly blend of soul, reggae, and R&B with some afro-beats going on here and there mixed with some tints of disco to occasionally make you want to dance (think Zap Mama, in English, meets Gloria Gaynor).

GreenTaRA - Get Up : Global Baby

GreenTaRA - Life Can Be Sweeter : Global Baby

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Zap Mama - Vivre : Ancestry In Progress

Cake - I Will Survive ( Gloria Gaynor cover) : Fashion Nugget

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