Monday, October 01, 2007


Earlier last month, M83 (whose mild mannered alter ego is Anthony Gonzalez) released the first of what is planned to be a series of ambient albums titled simply Digital Shades, Volume 1. Originally recorded last year, this album is set to precede another new release early next year of brand new material (which Gonzalez is in the studio now working on).

Digital Shades, just as its title suggests, is an album of subtleties. With minimalistic instrumentation, songs demand you to focus on the individual notes and threads that weave throughout them. Typically ambient albums fall into one of two categories: those of space, or those of Earth. This album starts out on Earth and then moves into the sky. Accompanying the digital massaging of your eardrums are various natural enhancements: chirping birds, the sounds of nature, etc... early in the album, but the last few tracks leave the pull of gravity.

This isn't an album that will wallop you with bass lines or dance beats. It's not one that will inject a catchy hook into your head. It's one that you'll need to be attentive to and explore.

and one from his last album:

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