Saturday, October 27, 2007

The Big Lie

Move over Postal Service, welcome The Big Lie, a band with members in five states and provinces (Canada, eh?) who've pooled their collective talents (through a variety of UPS and Postes Canada shipping methods) to create an album without ever recording in the same room or even playing live together. Originally, the collection of eleven tracks was created as something to circulate amongst friends and family. Fortunately / unfortunately for the band, it ended up in the hands of Michael Prommer at Defend Music, and the rest, as they say, is history.

The music is a mix of Freddie Mercury meets The Rocky Horror Picture Show meets Ben Folds. Yea, that about describes it as clear as crystal. It's poppy, it's catchy, it's got hooks; The Big Lie is just a lot of fun (and that's NOT a lie).

The Big Lie - Sally : The Big Lie

The Big Lie - Wanting You is Such a Drag : The Big Lie

Visit their label Defend Music and become their friend on MySpace.


The Postal Service - Be Still My Heart : We Will Become Silhouettes single

Ben Folds - Rent A Cop
: Super D


Carolyn said...

neat! Thanks for the information, I've been enjoying a lot of the bands that you mention in your blog and just wanted to say thanks

Sean said...

Glad to hear it Carolyn. Hope you continue to find good tunes to listen to here.