Monday, October 08, 2007

The versatile Nellie Mckay

So after making history by releasing a double CD as her debut release (the first for a female artist), and then doing it AGAIN for her second, Nellie Mckay is back, this time dodging any expectations by creating a short but thoroughly entertaining nine track follow-up titled Obligatory Villagers.

Once again, she displays a vocal range capable of crossing genres; from cool lounge, to entertaining cabaret, to smooth jazz, to spunky disco, to upbeat Broadway musical, Mckay's voice exudes a sultry allure while deliver lyrics that seem a little off kilter but still gently work their way into your ear.

Since releasing Pretty Little Head last year, and while in the process of working on her third album, Nellie was also cast as Polly Peachum in the Broadway revival of Bertolt Brecht's The Threepenny Opera. If you've heard any of her work, you won't be surprised at her versatility. If you haven't, listen to the following and then dive deep into her work.

Nellie Mckay - Mother of Pearl : Obligatory Villagers

Nellie Mckay - Identity Theft : Obligatory Villagers

And one from her last album:

Nellie Mckay - Columbia Is Bleeding : Pretty Little Head

Visit her website, her label Vanguard Records, and become her friend on MySpace.


Here's the popular American version of the original song from the German version of The Threepenny Opera, Die Dreigroschenoper :

Louis Armstrong - Mack the Knife : Pottery Barn: Supper Club


Tereza said...

I must say I esteem your site very much. You expose unknown bands with great tenacity and vigor, and even when I do not like the particular band or artist, I really appreciate that people like you take the time to turn the public on to alternatives to Rihanna and Avril Lavigne. Thanks!

Sean said...

Thanks Tereza. Hope you've found some newly discovered favorites in these posts.