Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Global Drum Project

Mickey Hart (formerly of The Grateful Dead) and Zakir Hussain (world renowned Indian tabla player) have teamed up again for the creation of a new album titled Global Drum Project. The pair has been collaborating off and on since the 70's with their world fusion experiment Diga Rhythm Band, and again in the 90's with their Planet Drum CD (the very first to win the first world music Grammy). For this project, they are supported by Taufiq Qureshi on percussion & vocals, Niladari Kumar on sitar, Dilshad Khan on sarangi, and the late, great Olatunji in sampled vocals from the original sessions. Also woven into the mix are the Kaluli tribespeople of Papua New Guinea's rain forest. Add all of those elements up and you get a Global Drum Project.

Their songs range from the tribal (listen to Bala below), to the more ambient trance-like psychedelia, to tracks which more clearly display Zakir Hussain's Indian influence (for example, Heartspace, the album's sixth track), and finally full circle back to the tribal with the final track I Can Tell You More. Throughout, one can sense an exploration and celebration of rhythm.

Mickey Hart and Zakir Hussain - Baba : Global Drum Project

Visit their website, their label Shout Factory, and become their friend on MySpace.


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Therese said...

I totally agree with you; "Their songs range from the tribal, to the more ambient trance-like psychedelia"... this is truly inspirational stuff you guys!!

Sharing with you a link for a free song here!!

Baba by Mickey Hart and the Global Drum Project here!!