Monday, October 29, 2007

the quiet side of Jim Ward

"After coming home from a long tour with my band, Sparta, I wanted to sit in my house and play acoustic guitar quietly. The tour had been loud and chaotic and I was simply trying to level out. I liked how things were sounding, so I began recording them in my studio. These 5 songs are the beginning of what I hope will be an on going series of recordings, hopefully adding more and more friends to the fold. "
-Jim Ward commenting on his upcoming EP Quiet

Jim Ward (former member of At the Drive-In and current member of Sparta) is set to release a five song EP titled simply Quiet via Civil Defense League on November 6th. As Jim explains above, the title of the EP suits his mood during recording and the music itself. Try the following track to get a taste of its flavor and then buy the entire EP from iTunes on November 6th.

Jim Ward - Mystery Talks : Quiet EP

Visit his label Civil Defense League and become his friend on MySpace.


At the Drive-In - This Night Has Opened My Eyes (Smiths cover)
: This Station Is Non-Operational

Sparta - Kiss the Bottle (Jawbreaker cover) : Bad Scene, Everyone's Fault: Jawbreaker Tribute


Anonymous said...

Love Sparta and was very excited to hear Jim Ward's solo stuff, so thanks for the post. It's always great when these guys get recognition.

Carina said...

LOVELY POST. Thank you so much.

Sean said...

Glad to oblige.