Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Vinyl (and cassette and CD) Life

Looking at the picture of NYC group Vinyl Life above makes me think Beastie Boys circa their Fight for Your Right years. Perhaps that's intentional, as their self-titled first release most assuredly draws upon that period of musical history for their inspiration. If you're looking for a soundtrack for your next throw-back party, you could do much worse than throw on this album, whether it's on vinyl, cassette, or CD, as the band is releasing it on all of the above.

The trio, made up of Butcha, Phaze Future and Richie Roxx, whip up an old school amalgamation of golden era hip hop, breakbeats, and analog electro production that hearkens back to Arabian Prince, Egyptian Lover, and Afrika Bambaataa. The resulting sound owes as much to Kraftwerk as it does the fathers of hip hop, and is just full throttle fun any way you slice it. So spin it in your boombox , thrown on your shell toes, dookie gold chain, Kangol hat, and Adidas track suit, and break out your piece of cardboard 'cuz it'll be like you're getting ready to film Breakin' 3.

Visit their website, their label Tape Theory, and become their friend on MySpace.

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