Thursday, September 17, 2009

Joakim gets cyber-romantical

I'll be the first one to admit that electro- recordings are usually not my cup of tea. For me, a big part of listening to music is emotionally connecting with it, and I often have problems doing that with overly synthetic music. And if I can't, there has to be something else that draws me to it otherwise it's a no-go.

That being put out there, listening to French producer Joakim Bouaziz's (or just Joakim as he goes by) third studio album, Milky Ways, was challenging for me to get into. The opening number, Back To Wilderness (all 8+ minutes of it) has got an almost industrial thundering to it that slowly builds and recedes, builds and recedes, just hammering on through. From there it heads into a electro-disco thing with Ad Me, complete with some warped vocals (vocoder perhaps?). And the album just gets deeper into Wonder Land from there. And there it is - the hook that caught me.

Although electro based, the rest of the album is creative and varied enough to not feel like one or two tracks recycled ten times. Take Love & Romance & A Special Person for example. The name seems totally at odds with the genre, but the computer generated vocals somehow work. Yeah, it doesn't seem right does it? You're expecting some romantic Barry White groove, and it is, just cyber style.

So, give it a try. It might have enough zing in it even if you are anti-electro.

one from last year:

and a little mix of a little bit of everything (left click and then download):

Joakim - Milky Mix : unreleased

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