Thursday, July 13, 2006

Josh Ritter Live

When it comes to Josh Ritter, I wear my heart on my sleeve. I just can't say enough good things about him. One of the many things I appreciate about Josh is his stage presence and crowd connection when he plays live. For those of you who haven't had the opportunity to experience this first hand, check out this link where you'll be able to see a complete show recorded at the Paradiso in Melkweg, Amsterdam on May 31st of this year. Although it obviously isn't as good as being there, it's a wonderful recording with perfect sound quality. You can also download the video for just the song Wolves from this show seperately.

Wolves - Live on the World Cafe

If you would like to hear some shows that you can actually download, check out the Internet Live Music Archive, where there are six different shows you can check out.

Here are some live odds and ends from Josh:

Here At the Right Time : Live at Neumo's, Seattle WA 10-20-04
Lillian, Egypt : Live at Neumo's, Seattle WA 10-20-04

These two tracks are interesting considering the fact they weren't actually released on an album until a year and a half later or so, on The Animal Years.

Hotel Song : Live at the Double Door 04-21-06

This song is from Josh's self titled first album, released back in 1999. This one can't be found on iTunes or but you can get it here at Josh's website. (Thanks to Kevin for the correction)

And just because I'm on a Josh kick today, I'll add the following song, which I've been really diggin' lately. The first is the original by Modest Mouse, and the second is Josh's cover, which was the B-side on the Thin Blue Flame single.


Kevin said...

Thanks for the nod to Josh on you blog.
Just wanted to let you know that "Hotel Song" is from Josh's self titled debut, indie release, which can be purchased at his webstore.

Sean said...

Thanks Kevin for letting me know. I have a few songs from that album (including Paths Will Cross, one of my favorites) but need to get around to ordering it.

Joel said...

"wear my heart on my sleeve"
Damn right! Josh is amazing and I've been trying hard to turn everyone that I can onto his music for more than two years now...

Thanks for the links to the downloadable shows!