Monday, July 17, 2006

Miami Vice Flashback

In a little under two weeks, the big screen version of Miami Vice is set to hit the theaters. I might be dating myself when I admit that I can remember watching the original TV show (the first season) with my parents in the early 80's. Back then, it was on the cutting edge of police dramas. Although there had been plenty of bad-ass cops before them, Sonny and Rico set the bar high for the fashion savy undercover cop want-to-be's: all of a sudden it was cool to wear white suits and pastel shirts. For the male demographic: exotic cars, fast boats, lots of women in skimpy bikinis, gun fights galore, living life in the fast lane...for the ladies: Don Johnson. The show was also one of the first to include then current hits and popular bands in its episodes. Miami Vice had it all.

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merz said...

Man, that's cool those tunes bring me back for sure!