Saturday, July 01, 2006

Le Tour de France

Today, quite possibly the most grueling sports event in the world started: the Tour de France. With no Lance Armstrong in it this year there probably aren't as many people watching, but possibilities abound with who might fill the void left when he retired. Unfortunately, several of those possibilities were implicated in a doping scandal only revealed yesterday, including Jan Ullrich and Ivan Basso. This is bad news for a sport which had supposedly been cleaning itself up, but good news for the many American contenders in it this year, including Floyd Landis, George Hincapie, and Levi Leipheimer (all of which I'm hoping to see on the podium on July 23rd). For more information than I could possibly give you, head over to the Velonews website.

Kraftwerk - Tour de France 03 (Version 1) : Tour de France 03 - Single

Queen - Bicycle Race : Jazz

Be Your Own Pet - Bicycle Bicycle You Are My Bicycle : Be Your Own Pet

The Double Six of Pairs - French Rat Race : Ultra Lounge

Les Triplettes De Belleville - Belleville Rendez-Vous (French Version) : The Triplets of Belleville
(This is from a wonderful animated movie about the Tour. If you don't mind subtitles, do yourself a favor and rent this!)
And in honor of Thor Hushovd, winner of today's stage, a wonderful little Norwegian ditty!

Trond Erics - Finn Deg En Engel : Norway Fotoalbum

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