Friday, July 21, 2006

Six Degrees of Musical Shakin'

OK, so I'm sure you have all heard of the game, Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon. The idea is pretty simple, choose any actor and connect them to Kevin Bacon with the least number of links. Today's post roughly follows the same concept. I had iTunes choose a song at random for me, and using various methods, I connected it to 5 other songs. See if you can follow the trail that connects Sleater-Kinney and Feist as if they were kissin' cousins:

Sleater-Kinney - Everything : Live At the Commodore Ballroom 2-26-05
By now I'm sure you have all heard the unfortunate news that Sleater Kinney is calling it quits, much like the following group...
(head over to rbally for this entire's well worth the download time)
Weezer - My Names Is Jonas (Live) : Dusty Gems And Raw Nuggets [Bonus Disc]
Jonas, as we all know from those Sunday School classes our parents forced us to go to, got swallowed by a whale...
Lou Reed - Last Great American Whale : New York
Lou Reed started out his musical career in the major leagues as the lead singer for The Velvet Underground, as the following singer started out with the Verve...
Richard Ashcroft - You On My Mind (In My Sleep) : Radio1 Session 5 June 2000
That song was broadcast on Radio 1 for the BBC, just like...
The Raconteurs - Intimate Secretary : Live Session at BBC's Radio1
And the word raconteur means a person known for telling amusing stories and anecdotes. And the last song is...
Feist - The Simply Story [With Jane Birkin] : Open Season
So there you have it, a musical journey From Sleater Kinney to Feist.
Buy Some:
Lou Reed
Richard Ashcroft
The Raconteurs

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