Friday, July 07, 2006

Now a days, EVERYONE's got a festival!

While browsing the collection at the local library (which amazed me in this previous post), I stumbled across a compilation CD with live recordings from Bonnaroo 2003. Since this year's festival happened only a few short weeks ago, and you can still find posts with this year's performances around the blog-o-sphere, I figured I would post a few of these dusty gems from days of old. Enjoy.

The Flaming Lips - A Spoonful Weighs A Ton

Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals - Sexual Healing

Keller Williams - Love Handles

The Dead - Sugar Magnolia

My Morning Jacket - Dancefloors

In other festival news, for any of you who subscribe to eMusic (and if you are downloading any of this music, you should), they are offering a free 2006 Pitchfork Music Festival Sampler which includes 24 tracks. The festival itself will take place July 29 - 30 at Union Park in Chicago, IL. If you aren't a member of eMusic, scoot over there and join now to get these juicy tracks.

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