Monday, November 30, 2009

Black Merda

So if you were asked to come up with a list of ten black rock musicians, would you be able to do it? What about if you were asked to name some all black bands? And finally, could you name the first all black rock band? Yeah, I couldn't either until I got a hold of Force Of Nature, an album that came out earlier this year from Black Merda, a band that could qualify as the answer to that last question if you were playing Trivial Pursuit.

The foursome got their start in the late 60's, playing fuzzy, funky, psychedelic, blues laden rock that was part Jimi Hendrix and part B.B. King (listen to Maintain below to pick up on it for yourself). The group only recorded a couple of albums (two to be precise) before fading into obscurity, only to be brought back to life by Vampi Soul Records to cut a new round of tracks which would become Force of Nature. Listening to it reminds me of another experimental funk/jam band from the 70's, Mandrill (who enjoyed somewhat more success and are still alive and kicking as well).

So, if you're down on a little history listen, pick up the album, which includes liner notes much more comprehensive than my little summary above. You can also find some comp's that bring together their older work to check out as well (which I've just started to do myself).

Visit their website, their label Vampi Soul, and become their friend on MySpace.


Steph said...

Don't you love the story of Black Merda buying a copy of Are you experienced as a novelty? Classic. Talking of black rock musicians, do you think Minnie Riperton could fall into that category even though she was a vocalist and I think all of the Rotary Connection were white ... random thought for the day. Going to go listen to some of her tracks.

Sean said...

I'm listening to her as I type this, too!