Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Funk Aid for Africa

Last week I wrote about the charity album Playing For Change. Hopefully you checked it out, and possibly even bought a copy of your own by now. Although only ten tracks, it's a powerful collection of music that deserves your attention and coin. Today I've got another charity project that is equally as deserving: Funk Aid For Africa. Here's what is given in the liner notes for the album:
"Funk Aid For Africa is the first in a series of compilations created to raise funds for African children affected by AIDS, by harnessing the positive power of music. Proceeds from the sale of this compilation are going toward the construction of a 'green' playground for the children of Youth With A Vision (YWAV), a South African organization that runs AIDS prevention programs in Dennilton, South Africa. The playground is part of NextAid's and YWAV's premier project, a 25 structure children's village and multi-purpose center that will be a home for 50 children orphaned by AIDS, an after-school center for hundreds of children living off site, and an economic hub for the surrounding community."
If the charity wasn't good enough reason to buy this album, check out the line-up
1. Ocote Soul Sounds – ‘Contra El Sol’ / ESL Records

2. The Lions – ‘Jungle Struttin’ / Ubiquity Records

3. The Pimps of Joytime – ‘San Francisco Bound’ (Remix by DJ OBaH) / Wonderwheel Recordings

4. DJ Kiva – ‘A Walk In Broken Shade’ Feat. Afra Behn

5. Dario Boente & Huge In Japan – ‘Pasado Pisado’

6. Amayo’s Fu-Arkist-Ra – ‘Fist Of Flowers’

7. Ticklah – ‘Mi Sonsito’ Feat. Mayra Vega / Easy Star Records

8. Tm Juke And The Jack Baker Trio – ‘Party Favours’ Feat. Gecko Turner / Tru Thoughts Recordings

9. Nappy G – ‘Habanaha’

10. Ursula Rucker – ‘Electric Santeria’ (Remix By King Britt) / Five Six Media

11. Kokolo Afrobeat Orchestra – ‘Sabroso’ (Remix By Sabo & Zeb)

12. The Pleasuremaker Band – ‘What We Came’

13. 7 Miles Per Hour Band – ‘Latin Freak’ / Kay-Dee Records

14. Happy Mayfield – ‘Jesse James’

15. Chico Mann – ‘Ease On Out’

16. J Boogie’s Dubtronic Science – ‘Together’ Feat. Jennifer Johns / Om Records

17. Sbirrofunk – ‘Nostalgicdreamsong’

18. Daisuke Naito – ‘Leopard’

19. Meta & The Cornerstones – ‘Hasta La Vista’ / 54 Soundz Llc

20. El Pueblo – ‘Ina Funky Dub’
While many of these names might be familiar to you, I assure you that there's not a lemon in the bunch here. It's also expertly mixed by DJ Obah (website) into a non-stop afro-latin-funk-soul-reggae fest. Take a few bites of it below, then donate a few of your dollars in the right direction.

Visit the official Funk Aid for Africa website, the comp's label Dubspot, and DJ Obah's website.

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