Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Why you listenin'

If you're in an alt-country, Neko Case/Stevie Nicksish mood, you could do much worse than check out the debut EP from Rock Island, IL native Lissie. It was recorded at her current home in Ojai, CA, and at Echo Mountain Studio in Asheville, NC, with her friend Bill Reynolds (of Band of Horses). The EP's lead-off track, Little Lovin', is a rousing, foot stomping rambler, and you can hear it below. From there she does a haunting cover of the old country song Wedding Bells, that is very evocative of Case's dusty voice. The mood turns gospelish with the hymn-like Oh Mississippi, and her voice begins to soar in a more soulful pop persuasion on Everywhere I Go. The EP comes to a close with Here Before, a track that really highlights her melodic voice. The five tracks do a nice job of imaging Lissie's potential and is worth a check-out for certain.

Visit her label Fat Possum Records and become her friend on MySpace.


Anonymous said...

So does she sound like IL or does she sound like CA? Also, why don't you ever post really happy lyrics? Lately they have all been kind of sad. Just saying.

Steph said...

Best track off the EP i reckon! Nice post :)

Sean said...

Glad you liked it Steph

Anon, you're absolutely right! With that in mind I posted up something positive today for Sunday Soul and will remember that going forward. I'll try to keep it upbeat!