Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Boogie Back

DJ Spinna, pictured above, knows how to lay down tracks. He's heavily called upon to produce albums, remix tracks, spin tunes, and record some music of his own every once and a while with the Jigmastas. Late last year, he assembled a compilation/DJ mix album for one of my favorite labels, BBE, titled The Boogie Back: Post Disco Club Jams. As the title suggests, the album blows the dust off some prime cuts of dance floor goodness from the late 70's and early 80's. There are actually two discs here, too: the first mixes together sixteen floor fillers in a non-stop groove and the second includes twelve of those tracks in their uncut and unmixed states.

While there are plenty of DJ albums out there that splice together dance numbers, this album digs up some obscure stuff that by all means shouldn't be. The term post disco really doesn't do justice to the breadth here. Some of these songs still wear the effects of disco proudly, others mix in more R&B and funk stylings, and you'll even come across some proto-hip-hop along the way (try the T.J Swan song And You Know That). Put it all together and you've got a strong collection that you can play from beginning to end at your next party to get people moving.


Steph said...

Have you heard DJ Spinna's remix of the I'm Your Superman ... it's awesome! Check it here:

Sean said...

Thanks Steph!